Tico strives to bring concept to reality in the Houston area


Tico strives to bring concept to reality in the Houston area


Tico strives to bring concept to reality in the Houston area



Quality in our projects

We remodel every corner of your home if required

We believe that every homeowner has a unique need that is why work hand-in-hand to ensure that we deliver what you want and exceed your expectations at the same time. Being a local company allowed us to know what most homeowner require while giving them the best experience while their homes undergo remodeling. Here we show you some of our projects whith before and after our work.

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A home remodel can be an overwhelming experience. As professionals in this industry, we understand what a renovation causes to your day-today life. Our design consultants are trained specialists ready to work with you throughout the entire process; from planning, design, and building out your ideas to make your dream home a reality. Here are important steps that take place during a remodel project. These steps may vary from project to project.

1. Planning and Design

Make a list of the work you wish to get done. Work with your Design Consultant to create floor plans, 3D renderings, and elevations with details to better visualize your new space. Your Design Consultant will also help you with permits (if needed), material selection, and any other necessary pre-construction steps.

2. Demolition

Demolition is an essential part of your renovation project. Our demolition team is fully trained to minimize messes and always follow safety precautions.

3. Rebuilding/Framing

Building or removing a wall can make a big impact in your room renovation. We have all the tools to make sure the areas are protected and any (if needed) temporary walls are properly installed to support accordingly.

4. HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing

This step includes anything that needs to go under floor, behind walls, and/or ceilings. Our professionals are licensed and all work performed by them, are always up to code.

5. Walls

This process involves insulation, hanging sheets of drywall, tape, float, and texture to be ready to paint.

6. Flooring

Carpeting, laminate, hardwood, or your selected floor will be installed.

7. Cabinets, Appliances, and Fixtures

This is the time when you start to see your new home coming together. Cabinetry, lighting, appliances, bathtubs, etc. are installed.

8. Paint

Each project is different, and this step can be completed after drywall installation. In large projects, painting too early could be a risk; fresh paint could be damaged as other team members still work in the area.

9. Final Toch ups, hardware, and accessories

Before clean up, all of the finishing touches and hardware/accessories are installed.

10. Furniture and Decor

Now, is time to personalize your space. Move in your furniture, decor, and all the belongings that represent your personal style. Enjoy Your New Home!