Tico Home Remodeling

Room Additions

Ok, so you have the terrific location and you love your neighbors and your neighborhood. The schools are great. You can’t tolerate the thought of leaving. Ultimately though, the house doesn’t fit your family. Maybe it’s time to think about a room addition.

Room additions, with purpose, can do wonders to a home. Whether it’s to enlarge a kitchen, add a master suite, convert a garage to a usable family space, and numerous other purposes a room addition done by Tico Home Remodeling can be the answer to all your remodeling needs.

When considering an addition to your home, it’s very important to have a trusted partner that can help you throughout the entirety of the project. Tico Home Remodeling has the expertise and staff to help you from the beginning design to the final stamped architectural plans.

Once plans are finalized and we begin construction, our trustworthy subcontractors will treat your home with respect, as they work efficiently to complete your project. The process can and likely will be time consuming and not without stresses. Don’t worry, we will be on the job each day to guarantee the highest standards are met. You will have access to our design staff, project manager and our owner on a constant basis.

Give us a call, to set an appointment for a free consultation, or for financing options. From start to finish Tico Home Remodeling can handle all your bathroom remodeling needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do before I call for my consultation?

Answer: Normally, we would just say bring your dream idea. But with room additions it is smart to dig up a copy of the survey you have from your home purchase. We will need this early on to determine how much space your lot has for any addition. One other item to find, and skim through, is your HOA by laws. That will guide us if there are any restrictions for your lot.

How long does the average room addition take?

Answer: This is obviously a tricky question to answer. However, a common estimation in the construction field is “$1,000.00 work will be completed per day” for room additions. We will do our best to stick with that idiom or any necessary time frame your family has. **All remodeling projects go faster the more you plan. Consider not beginning your project until all design selections are made, and materials have been ordered. This will speed up your project tremendously.**

What do we do about permitting?

Answer: Within a boundary of the City of Houston, remodeling projects and some home repairs qualify for needing City of Houston Building Permit and Inspections. In these cases, Tico Home Remodeling will take of this process completely for you. We will present and get approved our plans. We will hang our permit in a conspicuous place and all necessary inspections will be called in and managed by Tico staff or the specific tradesman.