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In Houston, Summer is always right around the corner…and Houston is HOT!

But we all love to spend time outdoors. BBQ’s with family, friends, colleagues. Lounging in the sun to get summer tan ready or taking a soak in the pool. Kids playing in the fresh cut grass. And the sun sets, oh the sun sets. Over the years California Living spread east and in Texas we’ve seen a tremendous increase of outdoor projects. Tables with shade umbrellas are the thing of the “Back to the Future” franchise. Today we need a beautiful covered patio with ceiling fans for the day and dimmable lighting, maybe even a tv for the nights.

Outdoor kitchens have become more and more affordable and fun as well. The variety of ways to build and outfit an “outdoor kitchen” is so expansive that your “fantasy” idea is easier than you might expect. Additionally, and really with all remodeling, design and layout can make, even a minimal amount of unused space, into a new and functional area for you and yours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do before I call for my consultation?

Answer: Normally, we would just say bring your dream idea. But with room additions it is smart to dig up a copy of the survey you have from your home purchase. We will need this early on to determine how much space your lot has for any addition. One other item to find, and skim through, is your HOA by laws. That will guide us if there are any restrictions for your lot.

Can my outdoor kitchen have a gas range?

Answer: Absolutely! In 99% of cases a house already has a main gas line. With the proper permits we can run a new subterranean gas feed to any new location we choose. Gas cooktops are efficient and easy. Don’t forget, we can also install a separate wood smoker to really up your grill master skills.

What about balconies and roof top decks?

Answer: Good friends of the Tico Team in a home in the Allen Parkway district. Their home is two stories and has a roof top deck. Let us tell you, the 4th of July Fireworks were AMAZING! Balconies, decks, rooftop spaces are built the same as most covered patios. Easy in, easy out doors.