Checking that list, twice.

DateAugust 11, 2021


It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by, and that in just 13 days we will be in 2020. Not to mention that we will be entering an entirely new decade to say the least.

3 Items to Consider

With that in mind, below are 3 items to consider about your home remodeling projects you may want to accomplish in the new year.

Remodel your home with your specific taste and lifestyle in mind. Many people fall in love with home remodeling projects they see on popular home tv shows. And while I think they are great for getting ideas, don’t fall into the trap of getting too trendy just to keep up with The Jones.

As mentioned, we are literally entering a new decade, and not all trends last which could hurt your home value in the long run if you ever plan to sell your property. We always recommend our clients to choose materials, layout and design that is more focused on their particular lifestyle and their personal design test.

Don’t rush your decision on hiring a contractor. Ironic, I know, to say this to you being a contractor that would love to serve you. Yet, we are well aware of the many other remodeling companies and local handymen that can complete some of your projects. Interview a few of us, reach out to references and previous clients, see pictures of completed jobs, and get a full feel for what each of us can offer you.

Not all contractors are the same, and some (sadly) don’t deliver on what they promised their clients. This saddens me greatly as it gives our industry the bad reputation it has. We’ve had so many clients over the years tell us horrible contractor stories anywhere from taking the deposit money and disappearing, all the way to taking almost a full year to complete a simple kitchen remodeling and then having their kitchen fall apart! #truestory.

My advice: don’t choose a contractor based solely on price; choose them because you’ve done your due diligence and have researched them to the point you feel confident in their work and ethic.

Remodeling is exciting, but can and will get messy, noisy and maybe inconvenient at times. So plan ahead when will be a good time for you to undergo the remodeling project. January maybe when everyone is sort of beginning to wind down from our current December energy, or maybe when you have allotted some personal time that you can dedicate to this. Also, when the project start date comes around, be sure to have the area clean and ready to go for the crews. This helps immensely and assures that your items are safely tucked away and won’t get either damaged or broken if fragile.

Well, maybe just one more tip since I’m on a role here.

Bonus tip: Have fun with your project!! For example, every one of us that makes the Tico Team love what we do. Really, we do. We love coming to your home and transforming your dreams into a physical reality you will enjoy time and time again. So have fun with the ideas you are coming up with for your projects. Enjoy the process from thought to finish. Get as excited about your remodel as you where as when they first handed you the keys to your home when you purchased it. It’s a great feeling, and remodeling can bring you that love for your home once again!

Any questions? Would love to speak to me or one of our team members? Considering starting your home remodeling project soon in the new year? Send me an email and let me know.

We are always here to help and serve!