Holiday Decor … or is it War??

Date August 11, 2021

Holiday decorating or is it flat out war?

Officially 3 days into December and some neighborhoods look like this.But all kidding aside (sort of), please take the following precautions when trying to out-do your neighbor .... ooops, we meant "decorate your home" when installing holiday lights and decor on your roof or other high places:

Make sure to use a sturdy ladder and a partner present with you in case of emergency. Hopefully, they can help prevent the accident, if it happens then help you after, or just be there to take pictures of your fall and post them all over social media for all us to see!!

Please wear safe shoes! Work, closed shoes are best, but if you don't have any a non-skid closed shoe is good enough. No sandals, no barefoot, and needless to say (but will anyways) no dressy shoes up there.

Make sure the lights all work well before you get up there. Try them out, replace light bulbs or decided to throw those out and buy new ones if too many are damaged. Please be safe with any electrical wiring, and don't over due the amount of "lights" you can connect to electrical outlets.

And may the merriest neighbor win!