What would you do with an extra $1500 or $2000 ??

DateAugust 11, 2021


Call me crazy, but I’m willing to offer you two amazing deals right now.

This is really happening!

What’s even crazier is that I’m leaving it up to you to decide which of the two deals you want! You can thank all these Black Friday deals happening already that got me going with this idea!

And, here is the fun part:: the amount you save DEPENDS ON YOU !!

I’m not kidding… this is the largest discount we’ve ever given out before. Honestly my ‘business mind’ is a little nervous about giving our work away at almost cost price.

But, I’m beginning to feel the holiday spirit (thanks to all the sales and this crazy cold weather fronts), and I want to make sure that you achieve your home remodeling project completed in time to receive your friends and family in for holidays!!!

So if you are as serious about your home remodeling project as I am about wanting to achieve it for you …. Then take me up on this exclusive offer. And YOU decide how much you want to save!

20% OFF YOUR ESTIMATE if you sign up before 11/15/ 2019.

15% OFF YOUR ESTIMATE if you sign up between 11/16/19 - 11/29/19.

Note:: Project estimate must be of $10K or higher for this deal to go through, and if it is imagine all the money you will be saving!! $1500, $2000 … possibly even more??! Now that’s savings and you don't have to make a line at 4 am for this deal!!!!

What would you do with that extra $1500 - $2000 dollars?

Go shopping? Use it on your next vacation? Buy a bigger TV for the home? Savings fund? ... The list is limitless!! Get your home project done, and have money left over for whatever you wish! Now THAT's a Black Friday Deal too amazing to pass up on! This has got to be the coolest Black Friday deal you’re home will ever enjoy!

Call our office today or contact Karina at (832) 274-1060 for your appointment to finalize the project details and to get you booked you on our schedule with the savings in place. Remember, the sooner you act, the higher the savings!! As always, feel free to contact me with any questions!!!