Fix up or Re-Plumb Your Home with PEX Pipes

Date August 11, 2021


Ever since the winter storm we’ve been having lots and lots of conversations with clients about their plumbing and/or flooding situation.

Most of our conversation have led to explaining PEX pipes. This type of piping is much more flexible (and resistant to extreme cold and hot weather) which has begun replacing the copper, PVC and galvanized pipes the last few years.

While we can definitely help you rebuild your home if you suffered from flooding, we are also making a new program available to re-pipe your entire home with PEX pipes.

And re-plumbing the home isn’t at all far fetched. We can assist you re-plumb your entire home with PEX Pipes with pricing starting at just $7,600 for a single story 2.5 bathroom home. Note that this is for re-plumbing your entire home, and does not cover cost of drywall or paint. And with our financing partner you can have this installed by us for as low as $100 a month with approved credit!!

In the event that we ever suffer from cold weather again … and after 2020 we just never really know what to expect … or in more reality so that you don’t suffer at any point going forward from old pipe corrosion or bursting at some point causing flood wreckage this is an incredible deal.

We can help you replace all those old pipes with the PEX pipes quickly, easily and now affordably! Call 281-503-7237 for your free appointment today and we will take care of your home like we do with all our clients. That’s a Tico Promise!

Give us a call, we are here to help!