Winter is Coming!

Date August 11, 2021

Winter is Coming!

Not just any winter, but Winter 2020.

Today has been one of those rare mornings where we feel that it's beginning to get chilly. I remember it being cold by this time last year, but its 2020, right? Who are we to know what is going on with the weather as well.

Which got me thinking of winter.

Winter in 2020 is going to be very different every where we look. From much less people traveling, to the unknown events that keep surprising us in the news. and let's not forget all the happenings in the political arena.

But one thing is for sure.

No matter your religion, background or belief there is just something magical about winter. It's in the air. That holiday end of the year spirit that comes no matter what.

And if 2020 has taught us anything is that we are safer at home with family and friends until this all settles. So what better time now than to prepare your home for gatherings, celebrations and good old fashioned holidays?

If you’re still dreaming of that kitchen remodeling project (you know the beautiful kitchen you’ve always dreamed about), or of finally remodeling that downstairs bathroom for guests (so that not everyone is waiting for the upstairs bathroom to be free), or even hiring us again for that other remodeling project now is the perfect time!

Remember, this winter looks more and more like people are preferring to stay home with loved ones. Let us help you create the perfect home to welcome them in.

If you're interested in getting ahead of the game call us now at 281-503-7237 to schedule your appointment. Our teams are ready to serve you and with financing available it's a no brainer.