Summer Plans and An Idea!!

Date August 11, 2021


This summer has been very different from the rest. Many of us have postponed summer family travels and more and more people are simply trying to stay at home as much as they can.

If one thing these last few months have showed us is that there is no better time to appreciate and feel the safety and beauty that your home provides.

As a parent myself, I know how thankful and blessed I feel to know my family is safe. And while the kids enjoy the pool almost daily the occasional “I’m bored!!” rings out here and there because after all kids are kids!

With that said, I came across and interesting article from US News that lists 25 home organization ideas that could help both you and the kids stay occupied and efficient. Done right, you can shamelessly get some help around the house, and maybe they’ll think twice to complain of boredom.

Now, if you have big projects for the home, like remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, let us know! That’s definitely a job for us and not the kids!!

Either way, here is the link to the article for you:

And remember that if you do need our crew help we are just a phone call away! With the financing plans available and with a probable list of remodeling projects you have in mind, this is a perfect time. Call us to schedule you in.