The Virus and this Contractor’s Perspective

DateAugust 11, 2021

None of us expected this Virus to take over the way that it did. And, with new precautions and social practices, little by little, is it our hope that life will return to what we once called normal. How soon will that be? That is clearly still unknown.

How do you select a Contractor now?

As a business we notice that it’s beginning to slowly move more into action. While some clients inquire about remodeling entire kitchens, others are reaching out to us because during their time at home they noticed items their home needs repairs in.

But just how do you select a contractor during this time and still remain safe??

That’s a question that we ourselves have been asking.

We care for the safety of our clients as well as the safety of our amazing crew. Sadly, however, we’ve learned that not all contractors in our area are taking the necessary precautions.

With this in mind, we have come up with 3 questions you must ensure when selecting a contractor now during this unprecedented time.

1. The Contractor’s Bid for Your Project.

Everyone wants to save when it comes to budget, we get that of course. Yet, be careful to go with a contractor who will bid you really low for your project right now. While it seems that you might be saving lots of money and that the contractor seems to know what they are talking about, be careful that you aren’t hiring an inexperienced ‘Joe-in-the-truck’ contractor vs a professional general contractor for your project.

With the economy coming to some sort of pause/halt, we’ve heard of many people who are just trying to bid out projects for the sake of making some money… even if they aren’t remodelers. While we feel for any person that might have suffered an economic blow, we want you to be careful you don’t fall prey to an inexperienced person who might just be in it for the money.

2. Contractor’s Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

While our field doesn’t necessarily need full blown PPE equipment, this virus certainly requires for all of us to wear the masks. Masks for our protection and for the protection of those in your home.

If you are quoting with various contractors, be sure to ask if they will be wearing masks when visiting your home from the initial, visit and what procedures will they be taking during the scope of your project. Many people feel differently about what is considered "measurable safety", so it’s better to ask before hand and not be sourly surprised once they are at your home.

3. Contractor’s Schedule Management

Ask your contractor in question how they would handle any unexpected schedule changes that are out of everyone’s control.

I am referring more towards the fact that as we are all slowly coming out of quarantine, and without knowing if in the possible future there might be a new mandatory quarantine or lock down in our city or nationwide, schedules for your project might change.

Either from crews being able to work at your place all the way to vendors not being open or having enough stock of the desired material. In the event that there is another lockdown or change in the near future how will your project be affected? Will the payment schedules be adjusted?

In Closing

Our teams have already begun on two kitchen remodeling projects, 1 bathroom remodeling makeover (it’s going to be a beauty!) and 2 small outdoor areas.

Allow us the opportunity to serve you either for the first time or for that next project you have in mind!

Reply to this email or call us at (281) 503-7237 to set up your Free Appointment.

In the meantime, stay safe everyone!

We are all in this together!!