Tips to help you and your family with what is to come.

Date October 21, 2021


As the days become shorter and the weather begins to turn chilly, it is time to start getting your home prepared for the winter months ahead. A little work can save you a lot of energy, money and time. Take a look at our check list and make sure you have gone every ready for a winter. We can help you replace and repair any damage quickly, easily and affordably. Call today 281-503-7237 for your free appointment, we will take care of your home.

Tips to help you and your family with what is to come.


  • • Insulate pipes properly especially if they are in a crawl space or attic.
  • • Inspect tree branches.
  • • Clean out gutters
  • • Prevent door locks from freezing with a powdered-graphite lubricant.
  • • Drain sprinklers (shutting off the water source, the open the drain vales located at the lowest part of the irrigation system to allow water to drain.

Insulate Pipes

Insulation pipe looks like a giant piece of spaghetti with a slit, cut it to fit the length of the pipe, wrap it around, then secure with duct tape if needed.

Clean out gutters

If they are clogged with leaves, the debris can freeze into a big icy mass, which could get under shingles and damage the roof.

  • • Cut back perennials. Cut plant to two to three inches above the ground.
  • • Mulch Flower beds. Mulching at this time of year helps regulate changes in soil temperature. Mulch acts as insulation for your plants.
  • • Block drafts. You can increase your home's energy-efficiency, for windows and doors, use weather stripping around the frame or window-film kit over the glass
  • • Get fireplace cleaned.
  • • Have the furnace checked. At the beginning of winter, check your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) to make sure your furnace or boiler is operating safely and efficiently.

Caulk Windows and Doors

Caulk anywhere cold air might enter the home, door, frames, and windows, telephone and cable openings, not only to keel out could air, but also to keep moisture from entering the home. Moisture can be very damaging.

Prevent for Ice Damming

Ice damming occurs after any type of winter storm leaves precipitation on your roof. The melted water flooring to a specific area can cause leaks on your roof or wall insulation, which can your increase winter cost.